Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Microsoft Rebrands Lync as Skype for Business

Microsoft made some headlines yesterday by taking the covers off of a somewhat anticipated move that was started a few years ago when they first acquired Skype. Microsft Lync will now come to be known as Skype for Business.

The new versions of the Skype for Business client, Skype for Business on-premises server and Skype for Business online service that is part of Office 365 will become available in the first half of 2015.

Microsoft is bringing together the best of Skype and Lync without losing any of the features, security and manageability that customers care about. In fact, API elements built into the platform that allow developers like ourselves to build apps and additional functionality on top of Skype for Business are remaining in tact. 

Microsoft is predicting that the familiar user experience that hundreds of millions of Skype users engage with every month will bolster the further adoption of unified communications within the enterprise market. 

According to some photos appearing on their blog post, along with the rebranding of the name, Microsoft is changing the user interface elements of the older Lync client software so that it looks more like Skype. Although pretty, this won't really affect ProtoSphere 4.0 users next year, as our new version will be relying on the UC Web APIs that are completely under the hood.

The updated Lync client UI now has the look of Skype

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