Tuesday, October 28, 2014

ProtoSphere Cost Savings for Hospital Executives Traveling Between Sites

Having executives travel from one hospital site to another is costing you time and money.

Based on the average annual salary of executives, one hour of wasted travel time costs a typical hospital $120 per individual. As you can see below, the cost of 30 executives meeting in ProtoSphere remains constant for the year, while the cost of traveling increases.

The chart below also reflects on the amount of time that can be saved from having to travel from site to site while sitting in cabs or waiting in lines for mass transit.

Hospital Cost Savings Using ProtoSphere for Virtual Meetings

Experience the savings for yourself... Call us at 1-866-871-0997 or send an email to protoninfo@protonmedia.com.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Top unified communications vendors eye virtual reality in the conference room - via networkworld.com

Maria Korolov has posted an article over at networkworld.com on how some of the leading leading unified communications vendors, including ourselves, are taking a hard look at the opportunities for 'virtual reality in the conference room.'

The Oculus Rift is a game changer when it comes to bringing people into a more immersive experience - in fact, some large organizations like Ford Motor Company have already been using it.

Maria's article goes on to talk about how virtual environment platforms like ProtoSphere, AvayaLive Engage, and Terf are experimenting with the technology with specific business use cases in mind.

Continue here to read the full article as it appears on networkworld.com.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Innovation Through Collaboration in the Manufacturing & Life Sciences Industries

Over at onwindows.com, author Sean Dudley re-posted an article earlier this week on how Microsoft and its partners are helping companies improve real time enterprise collaboration in an effort to boost innovation.

He quotes the August issue of Prime magazine, where Egbert Schröer, worldwide managing director of process manufacturing and resources at Microsoft, talks about how "collaboration can be used as part of the innovation process within companies." Schröer goes on to talk about examples of social computing and how companies are continuing to invest in new collaboration technologies to help advance their workforce and find new ways of harnessing the best and brightest ideas.

The article also mentions the role that virtual worlds are playing, with the example given by Andrea McGonigle, managing director of Life Sciences at Microsoft, on the work that we've done with PPD. In the article she comments, "I think virtual worlds will continue to make collaboration advances and really enhance the experience at another level. These spaces will be powered by the cloud that will allow people to access them anywhere, anytime, and scale up and down quickly."

You can head over to onwindows.com to read the full article and download the rest of the August issue.
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