Tuesday, July 22, 2014

'Lync Has a 3D Virtual Environment Secret Weapon' Article from Aragon Research

Jim Lundy, founder and CEO of Aragon Research, is a well respected analyst who has covered the collaboration industry for quite a number of years. He has written about and advised on all aspects of the space, including 3D, so we were delighted when he blogged about us earlier this month on his site.

Here's a snippet from the post:

ProtonMedia has evolved over the years with more enterprise deployments featuring its flagship offering Protosphere. Ron Burns, the Founder and CEO, is still at the helm of ProtonMedia. His move to partner with Microsoft Lync is timely and it will help both ProtonMedia and Microsoft.
3D Virtual Environments have lots of use cases, particularly in the Enterprise. Microsoft has not made a big deal out of this, but as enterprises seek to justify continuing investment in Lync, ProtonMedia could be a difference maker.
We see the demand for 3D Virtual Environments going up, partially due to the fact that we see Facebook, Google, and Microsoft starting to promote the concept, even though others, such as IBM, were involved with this concept early. For now, Microsoft gets special treatment from ProtonMedia. We expect to see more integrations as enterprises start to realize that collaboration can be interactive and engaging.

You can read the entire article over at the Aragon Research blog.

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