Monday, September 30, 2013

Winners Announced for the 2013 Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Awards

On Friday we learned that ProtonMedia and PPD won the Gold award in the 2013 Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards. Often referred to as the "Academy Awards" of the learning industry, we won in the Best Use of Virtual Worlds for Learning category with our joint submission of PPD® 3D.

The list of winners was announced during a web conference by Brandon Hall Group CEO Mike Cooke, COO Rachel Cooke, and VP of Corporate and Product Development Claude Werder.

Each entry was judged by an international panel and awarded based on how well they met the needs of the program, their overall design and functionality, how innovative they were, and what were the measurable outcomes and benefits.

As many of our blog followers know, PPD, in partnership with ProtonMedia, developed PPD® 3D on top of the ProtoSphere platform, allowing PPD staff to engage in highly social, interactive and visually appealing 3D virtual spaces and was implemented for their Clinical Foundation Program.

The virtual training solution has eliminated travel costs, yet provides an enhanced level of learning engagement. Within the first six months of deployment, the application had paid for itself in travel cost reductions and to date has saved the company more than $2 million. PPD is expanding use of the platform for training and collaboration sessions between sponsors, CRO and site staff.


Today PPD and ProtonMedia put a press release out about the news. You can view it here.

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