Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sam Batterman Discusses Innovations for Life Sciences Organizations Using ProtoSphere and Microsoft

Sam Batterman, Microsoft Life Science Specialist (Data &Visualization) discusses the benefits of the latest innovations from Microsoft and ProtoSphere to Life Sciences organizations.

“What ProtoSphere brings to the game...is that architecture of a room environment has a lot to do with whether or not people feel free to share. It's effect is it feels grounded, it feels alive. People feel good in an environment like that.”

With the touch technology of Windows 8, it’s quicker and easier to navigate using devices of any size ranging from small tablets to large Perceptive Pixel displays. The combination of this screen touch technology on any size surface and ProtoSphere's persistent, virtual 3D collaboration environment offers broad support and an effective, lively collaboration setting for clinical research training, research and development, project management, HR onboarding and clinical trial monitoring. By leveraging Microsoft technologies already in use, enterprises including life sciences organizations, increase cost efficiency and productivity.

ProtoSphere version 2.3 also adds web page browsing on Media Boards, seamless integration with the latest Microsoft business technologies (Lync 2013, SharePoint 2013), and live, synchronized video conferencing with Polycom RealPresence integration.

Windows 8 touch support in ProtoSphere is currently being demonstrated at the DIA 2013 Meeting up in Boston this week.

Monday, June 24, 2013

We’re Going Mobile: ProtoSphere to support iPad in version 3.0

ProtoSphere is breaking new ground as the first and only immersive 3D environment for business to work on mobile devices.  Watch how easy it is to navigate and interact on ProtoSphere with touch enabled controls using iPad.

The ProtoSphere for iPad app has many of the same capabilities as the popular ProtoSphere Windows®-based offerings, plus:
  • Touch enabled controls and a new user interface bring a remarkably tactile and natural user experience to each 3D room.
  • Microsoft® Lync® 2013 support. The ProtoSphere iPad app seamlessly bridges the Apple tablet and Microsoft unified communications worlds via the integration of the ProtoSphere iPad iOS app with Lync 2013 for persistent voice communication, instant messaging, and presence so you can talk, chat and collaborate in a small group, one on one, or in a mass presentation/town hall event.
  • Same Content View as Desktop. ProtonMedia leverages the power of its media boards to present the same amount of content to an iPad user as a notebook or desktop user attending the same virtual meeting, despite the smaller iPad screen size.
  • Access to SharePoint Boards. SharePoint Boards provide iPad users with access to their content stored in SharePoint document libraries.
  • Ability to play Adobe® Flash® stored video on Media Boards using ProtonMedia’s PS3D™ transcoding technology.
  • Higher quality graphics with improved graphics rendering presented on the vibrant display of iPad immerses you in a high performance virtual workplace ideal for learning and exchanging information.
ProtoSphere and iPad Versions Supported
  • ProtoSphere for iPad works with a 3.0 server back end.
  • ProtoSphere 3.0 runs on iPad 2, iPad with Retina display and iPad mini models running iOS version 5 or greater. 
  • ProtoSphere 3.0 is interoperable with Windows-based clients running version 2.3 of the ProtoSphere desktop application. 
The ProtoSphere for iPad app will be available in the Apple iTunes® Store this summer.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Preview of ProtoSphere Windows 8 Touch Support at Drug Information Association’s 2013 Meeting

Every year members of the Drug Information Association (DIA), a nonprofit organization with about 18,000 members in 80 countries, meet to learn and share how to use innovative technology to advance public health. This year, over 7000 life sciences experts, thought leaders, and innovators are expected to attend the meeting next week in Boston from June 23-27th.

ProtoSphere will be one of the featured Windows 8 applications to be demonstrated at the Intel device bar located at the Microsoft booth, # 623.

On display will be ProtoSphere’s latest innovation, support for Windows 8 touch. With Windows 8 touch and ProtoSphere, you can interact in a touch enabled, 3D collaboration space on everything from large Perceptive Pixel displays, down to tablet form factors like Surface Pro.

The ProtoSphere and Windows 8 demonstration includes a preview of ProtoSphere 2.3 which adds co-browsing on Media Boards, seamless integration with latest Microsoft technology (Lync 2013, SharePoint 2013), and live video conferencing with Polycom RealPresence integration.

If you're at the meeting this year, stop by the Microsoft booth and try the touch enabled demo of ProtoSphere for yourself.

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