Thursday, May 9, 2013

Video Content Improves Learning Results

I had the opportunity recently to speak with two different customers, both from completely different markets, about their desire to use ProtoSphere to deliver learning content to their employees in the form of video. As chance would have it, an article in this month's Elearning! Magazine covers that very topic.

The article quotes a recent study done by the Aberdeen Group showing that companies who use video as a tool in delivering training content are doing a much better job at reaching their organizational goals and keeping learners engaged. According to the study, 59% of organizations surveyed are currently using video content as part of their learning strategies. This; can take the form of internal videos, external, highly produced videos, or even video conferencing.

In speaking to our customers about this, ProtoSphere's support for video playback is an important feature for them, especially when used in the context of a learning engagement. They want their learners to be able to attend a virtual learning event facilitated by an instructor, have them go off and watch a video or two (maybe even have them watch it together), and then come back to the classroom for followup discussions - all within the same platform.

Sixty two percent of our own customers surveyed place a high value on this ability. Truth be told, it's one of the reasons we've worked so closely with Polycom recently to pull live video conferencing into ProtoSphere and have that available as another option. Stored video, live streaming video, video conferences, even videos from YouTube, are all capable of being broadcast within our persistent 3D work spaces.

The full article on the benefits of using video content for learning is available on Elearning!'s website.

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