Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What’s New in ProtoSphere® 2.1

Now that we’ve released ProtoSphere® 2.1, I’m sure you’d like to know exactly what’s new under the hood. Short answer; a LOT!

Long answer; keep on reading.

Outlook Scheduling

Our new Outlook add-in allows users to book a room in ProtoSphere® 2.1 directly from Outlook.

  • Supports Outlook 2010 and 2007, connected to Microsoft Exchange (Outlook 2003 not supported).
  • User can book a location directly from their calendar.
  • Built-in scheduling tool shows availability of locations.
  • Secured Rooms (Only invited users are allowed access to the room during a meeting).
  • Meeting organizers automatically granted moderator rights.
  • Meeting invite automatically populated with launch links

Scripting Capabilities
Web admin tool now supports scripting options for developers, including:
  • Adding/Editing teleports to objects.
  • Adding/Editing URLs to objects.
  • Adding/Editing audio files.
  • Adding/Editing tool tips.
  • Adding/Editing bots.
  • Adding custom scripts to objects.

Other Cool Stuff
  • SharePoint: Support site-federated authentication and Office 365 authentication and interoperation.
  • Moderators: Access controls are now defined by a custom claim in AD.
  • Laser Pointers: Can now be controlled by Moderators.
  • Notifications: Audible notifications heard when sending/receiving IMs are now entirely dictated by the Lync client.
  • Excel Exports: Export usage report to Excel.
  • Performance Improvements: Platform enhancements including streamlined 3D Avatar rendering and increased frame rates.
  • Browser Location Refresh: A ‘Refresh’ button has been added to update the user count in the locations listing.
  • Zone ID: Added to the Tooltip visible on mouse over of the location’s name.
  • User Counts: Total number of users now listed on the Participants and Contacts tabs.
  • Keyboard Controls: For moving Media Board slides forwards and backwards.
  • Port Forwarder: Allows more broad proxy support.
  • YouTube Support: Updated method for showing YouTube videos added to documentation.
  • Password Reset: Option added to user login screen.
  • Backwards Compatibility: ProtoSphere® 2.0 users will be allowed to connect to ProtoSphere® 2.1.

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