Friday, July 20, 2012

There’s Good Press and There’s Great Press – We’ve Got Both

There’s an old saying in marketing and publicity circles that “any press is good press,” which is why so many rock stars destroy hotel rooms; it gets them attention. At ProtonMedia, we’ve never destroyed any hotel rooms (well, not yet), but we are getting a LOT of attention. The list below links to stories posted about us or where we’ve been prominently mentioned over the past two weeks. It’s a great list and we’re very thankful to all the websites who mentioned us. Of course, when someone posts a story with a headline that essentially says that ProtoSphere “destroys” the competition like the Lazy Tech Guys did, that’s just awesome.

ProtoSphere Destroys the Competition (and other nice things people say about us)

Actually, the Lazy Tech Guys featured us in two posts last week. The first was on July 16 in Polycom Opens Its Video Collaboration Platform To All, Releases APIs. The second (mentioned above) was two days later, on July 18, and the Lazy Tech Guys got right to the point titling their post, ProtonMedia CEO Shows Us Why ProtoSphere Destroys Second Life and PS Home.

Meanwhile, at Polycom…

CEO Ron Burns with Lazy Tech Guy Radford C. at Polycom HQ
The Lazy Tech Guys interview with Ron took place on July 12 at Polycom’s Headquarters in San Jose, California. Ron flew there directly from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto (where we were exhibiting and where Ron also presented) to attend a major Polycom Press Conference where Polycom announced their new Suite of Open APIs, Enhanced Scalability, Manageability and Security for RealPresence® Platform. Polycom also prominently featured us in their Press Release following the event (click on the link above and look closely at Bullet #3 about halfway down the page. That’s us!).

Not surprisingly, one of the many great things about partnering with a company like Polycom is when they mentioned us like they did; the news gets picked up by a variety of tech news websites all over the world such as:
This coverage was fantastic and we’re very excited to have received it. Thanks to the Lazy Tech Guys, IDG’s family of websites and all the other websites who covered the story. And of course, thanks to Polycom.

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