Sunday, July 8, 2012

Introducing ProtoSphere 2.1 Now Featuring Unprecedented Microsoft Outlook Integration

This week, we are announcing ProtoSphere®2.1 at Microsoft’s 2012Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto.
Featuring a wide range of new tools and capabilities designed specifically for the enterprise, ProtoSphere® 2.1 is a dramatically enhanced version of our leading collaboration platform, ProtoSphere.
“While the version number might suggest merely an incremental change, this new version includes a lot of new features that our enterprise customers have been asking for,” said CEO Ron Burns.
While ProtoSphere® is the first and only immersive, 3D social collaboration environment that directly integrates with both Microsoft’s Office and Lync products, Version 2.1 adds even tighter integration with Outlook. Now, users can book virtual rooms for meetings and events directly from their Outlook calendars.
“The integration with Outlook is really very tight,” said Ron. “But that’s not the only impressive new feature.”
Some of those new features include:
  • Updated SharePoint integration to support site-federated authentication, Office 365 authentication and interoperation.
  • A suite of tools that will give developers the ability to create a wide variety of custom interactions such as programming “bots” that can respond directly to a user’s avatar and adding URLs to virtual objects
  • A dramatic performance boost for users who are working on older computers
  • Moderator access controls
  • New keyboard controls
  • YouTube support
  • Backwards compatibility with the previous release, Version 2.0
  • And much more.
“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” Ron added. “Microsoft is really embracing ProtoSphere. It’s very exciting.”
Ron will be presenting ProtoSphere® 2.1 to a large audience of Microsoft employees and Partners during Microsoft’s 2012Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto. That presentation will be at the Microsoft Office Division’s “Future of Productivity” Theater on Wednesday, July 11 at 3:00PM EDT.
Ron was also invited by Lync Enterprise Voice CTO Aamer Kaleem, to host a "Lunch 'n Learn" session with fifty of Microsoft's leading global business development managers who focus on the Lync Enterprise voice technology.

Neal Wiser is 
Vice President, Strategic Marketing at ProtonMedia. If you have any questions about our appearance and scheduled presentation at the WPC, don't hesitate to contact me at

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