Tuesday, July 31, 2012

ProtoSphere 2.1, Featuring Microsoft Support, Now Available for Download

We are proud to announce that ProtoSphere®2.1, which we unveiled at Microsoft’s 2012Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, is now available for download. Version 2.1 is more than just a step up from Version 2.0 which was released back in January; it’s a significant upgrade featuring even more support for Microsoft’s Office suite (among other enhancements). “While the version number might suggest merely an incremental change, this new version includes a lot of new features that our enterprise customers have been asking for,” said Ron Burns, our CEO.
Some of those new features include:
·         Ability to book virtual rooms for meetings and events directly from a user’s Outlook calendar.
·         Updated SharePoint integration to support site-federated authentication.
·         Office 365 authentication and interoperation.
·         Scripting capabilities for developers to create custom interactions (such as adding URLs to objects).
·         Enhanced security for Moderator controls.
·         Backwards compatibility with the previous versions.
·         And much more.
Needless to say, we’re very excited about Version 2.1. The enhancements and system improvements are going to go a long way to helping users to get even more out of ProtoSphere®. It’s also going to be a big step towards even deeper penetration into the enterprise.
“I couldn’t be more proud of how ProtoSphere is growing,” Ron recently told the ProtonMedia team. “The pace at which we’re expanding into the enterprise and signing new partners, such as our recent agreement with Polycom, are testament to your dedication and creativity. It’s all really very exciting.”

What’s New in ProtoSphere® 2.1

Now that we’ve released ProtoSphere® 2.1, I’m sure you’d like to know exactly what’s new under the hood. Short answer; a LOT!

Long answer; keep on reading.

Outlook Scheduling

Our new Outlook add-in allows users to book a room in ProtoSphere® 2.1 directly from Outlook.

  • Supports Outlook 2010 and 2007, connected to Microsoft Exchange (Outlook 2003 not supported).
  • User can book a location directly from their calendar.
  • Built-in scheduling tool shows availability of locations.
  • Secured Rooms (Only invited users are allowed access to the room during a meeting).
  • Meeting organizers automatically granted moderator rights.
  • Meeting invite automatically populated with launch links

Scripting Capabilities
Web admin tool now supports scripting options for developers, including:
  • Adding/Editing teleports to objects.
  • Adding/Editing URLs to objects.
  • Adding/Editing audio files.
  • Adding/Editing tool tips.
  • Adding/Editing bots.
  • Adding custom scripts to objects.

Other Cool Stuff
  • SharePoint: Support site-federated authentication and Office 365 authentication and interoperation.
  • Moderators: Access controls are now defined by a custom claim in AD.
  • Laser Pointers: Can now be controlled by Moderators.
  • Notifications: Audible notifications heard when sending/receiving IMs are now entirely dictated by the Lync client.
  • Excel Exports: Export usage report to Excel.
  • Performance Improvements: Platform enhancements including streamlined 3D Avatar rendering and increased frame rates.
  • Browser Location Refresh: A ‘Refresh’ button has been added to update the user count in the locations listing.
  • Zone ID: Added to the Tooltip visible on mouse over of the location’s name.
  • User Counts: Total number of users now listed on the Participants and Contacts tabs.
  • Keyboard Controls: For moving Media Board slides forwards and backwards.
  • Port Forwarder: Allows more broad proxy support.
  • YouTube Support: Updated method for showing YouTube videos added to documentation.
  • Password Reset: Option added to user login screen.
  • Backwards Compatibility: ProtoSphere® 2.0 users will be allowed to connect to ProtoSphere® 2.1.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Are you an Inside Sales Rep? We're Hiring!

We're seeking an energetic, aggressive Inside Sales Representative to sell ProtonMedia’s award winning Learning and Collaboration solution, ProtoSphere as a member of the Inside Sales team in Lansdale, PA (Philadelphia suburbs). This is a fantastic opportunity to be in spirited, start-up atmosphere selling exciting, next-generation technology products to Fortune 500 accounts.

The Inside Sales representative will team with an experienced outside sales representative to grow & expand relationships with existing accounts and identify, initiate and develop relationships with new accounts.  Inside Sales representatives will be responsible for targeted email & phone campaigns, messaging, appointment setting, high-level demonstration participation and proposal generation.  Each inside & outside sales team will be expected to meet sales targets and monthly activity metrics. ProtonMedia will provide on-going technical and sales training. There is a clear career path for growth and un-capped earnings potential. This job is base + commission with comprehensive benefits starting the first day.

  • Generate prospective customers through cold calling (50+ meaningful calls/day).
  • Sell to new accounts, accurately quote product prices and prepare sales bids.
  • Evaluate customer needs, and identify the proper resources to accomplish the goal.
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with customers.
  • Learn and maintain knowledge of ProtonMedia products, business and value-add.
  • Make value-added sales proposals to existing and potential customers.
Requirements: Desired Skills & Experience
  • Experience in high-activity positions, at college or in workplace.
  • High energy, assertive approach to the work day.
  • Excellent verbal communication and negotiation skills.
  • Track record of success, academically and/or professionally.
  • Bachelors or Associates degree, or training, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Ideally,1-4 years of experience in a technical sales environment selling directly to business customers.
  • Dynamic, confident individual with a sense of humor. 
  • A quick learner, technologically savvy with high energy/drive level, excellent written and verbal communication skills, excels in a team environment!
If you think that you have the ingenuity and skills to help take ProtoSphere and ProtonMedia to the next level,  please reply via Linkedin or email us a cover letter telling us how you would help along with your resume. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Friday, July 20, 2012

There’s Good Press and There’s Great Press – We’ve Got Both

There’s an old saying in marketing and publicity circles that “any press is good press,” which is why so many rock stars destroy hotel rooms; it gets them attention. At ProtonMedia, we’ve never destroyed any hotel rooms (well, not yet), but we are getting a LOT of attention. The list below links to stories posted about us or where we’ve been prominently mentioned over the past two weeks. It’s a great list and we’re very thankful to all the websites who mentioned us. Of course, when someone posts a story with a headline that essentially says that ProtoSphere “destroys” the competition like the Lazy Tech Guys did, that’s just awesome.

ProtoSphere Destroys the Competition (and other nice things people say about us)

Actually, the Lazy Tech Guys featured us in two posts last week. The first was on July 16 in Polycom Opens Its Video Collaboration Platform To All, Releases APIs. The second (mentioned above) was two days later, on July 18, and the Lazy Tech Guys got right to the point titling their post, ProtonMedia CEO Shows Us Why ProtoSphere Destroys Second Life and PS Home.

Meanwhile, at Polycom…

CEO Ron Burns with Lazy Tech Guy Radford C. at Polycom HQ
The Lazy Tech Guys interview with Ron took place on July 12 at Polycom’s Headquarters in San Jose, California. Ron flew there directly from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto (where we were exhibiting and where Ron also presented) to attend a major Polycom Press Conference where Polycom announced their new Suite of Open APIs, Enhanced Scalability, Manageability and Security for RealPresence® Platform. Polycom also prominently featured us in their Press Release following the event (click on the link above and look closely at Bullet #3 about halfway down the page. That’s us!).

Not surprisingly, one of the many great things about partnering with a company like Polycom is when they mentioned us like they did; the news gets picked up by a variety of tech news websites all over the world such as:
This coverage was fantastic and we’re very excited to have received it. Thanks to the Lazy Tech Guys, IDG’s family of websites and all the other websites who covered the story. And of course, thanks to Polycom.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thanks to Polycom for Mentioning us in their Big Press Release

Yesterday, Polycom announced a major new initiative to “Drive UC and Video Adoption Across Industries.” In their press release, they mentioned ProtonMedia and quoted our CEO Ron Burns.

Ron at Polycom HQ
Thanks to Polycom for mentioning us, we really appreciate it. And if you haven’t read their press release, check it out here, “Polycom Takes Giant Step Forward to Drive UC and Video Adoption Across Industries with Rich New Suite of Open APIs and Enhanced Scalability, Manageability, and Security for RealPresence® Platform.”

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Introducing ProtoSphere 2.1 Now Featuring Unprecedented Microsoft Outlook Integration

This week, we are announcing ProtoSphere®2.1 at Microsoft’s 2012Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto.
Featuring a wide range of new tools and capabilities designed specifically for the enterprise, ProtoSphere® 2.1 is a dramatically enhanced version of our leading collaboration platform, ProtoSphere.
“While the version number might suggest merely an incremental change, this new version includes a lot of new features that our enterprise customers have been asking for,” said CEO Ron Burns.
While ProtoSphere® is the first and only immersive, 3D social collaboration environment that directly integrates with both Microsoft’s Office and Lync products, Version 2.1 adds even tighter integration with Outlook. Now, users can book virtual rooms for meetings and events directly from their Outlook calendars.
“The integration with Outlook is really very tight,” said Ron. “But that’s not the only impressive new feature.”
Some of those new features include:
  • Updated SharePoint integration to support site-federated authentication, Office 365 authentication and interoperation.
  • A suite of tools that will give developers the ability to create a wide variety of custom interactions such as programming “bots” that can respond directly to a user’s avatar and adding URLs to virtual objects
  • A dramatic performance boost for users who are working on older computers
  • Moderator access controls
  • New keyboard controls
  • YouTube support
  • Backwards compatibility with the previous release, Version 2.0
  • And much more.
“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” Ron added. “Microsoft is really embracing ProtoSphere. It’s very exciting.”
Ron will be presenting ProtoSphere® 2.1 to a large audience of Microsoft employees and Partners during Microsoft’s 2012Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto. That presentation will be at the Microsoft Office Division’s “Future of Productivity” Theater on Wednesday, July 11 at 3:00PM EDT.
Ron was also invited by Lync Enterprise Voice CTO Aamer Kaleem, to host a "Lunch 'n Learn" session with fifty of Microsoft's leading global business development managers who focus on the Lync Enterprise voice technology.

Neal Wiser is 
Vice President, Strategic Marketing at ProtonMedia. If you have any questions about our appearance and scheduled presentation at the WPC, don't hesitate to contact me at neal.wiser@protonmedia.com.

North of the Border

Hey folks, The ProtonMedia team has arrived in Toronto to participate in this year’s Microsoft World Wide Partners Conference (also see the show's website). We'll have some exciting announcements coming later in the week, so stay tuned. If you happen to be at the WPC this year, stop by our booth #230. Ron Burns, our CEO, will also be speaking at the Microsoft Office Division’s “Future of Productivity” Theater Wednesday, July 11 at 3:00 PM (EDT). Catch our session if you're free!

To all our friends in the Microsoft eco system, safe travels to Toronto.


Neal Wiser is Vice President, Strategic Marketing at ProtonMedia. If you have any questions about our appearance and scheduled presentation at the WPC, don't hesitate to contact me at neal.wiser@protonmedia.com.
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