Friday, October 7, 2011

Why learning departments should 'collaborate like crazy'

Writer Rama Ramaswami recently penned an article for Campus Technology about four ways to make the most out of virtual environments. Her points are worth a look, and one in particular deserves some more exploration. She recommended to "collaborate like crazy."

You're probably all too familiar with the budget cuts that have sliced through learning and training departments at life sciences companies in recent years. But as I've talked about before, learning is not a black hole that you throw money down. It's a crucial vehicle for transferring knowledge among organizational teams to drive innovation and execution.

That naturally requires tight collaboration between employees. So when it comes to developing learning programs using virtual environments, collaboration is a crucial to facilitating knowledge transfer and bringing context to content.

Employees should be able to interact and engage in formal training sessions, as well as attend ad hoc, one-on-one meetings according to their business needs and scheduling realities. They should be able to, as Rama put it, "collaborate like crazy."

I wrote a bit more on this in the comment I left for Rama, so hop over for her article and the rest of my thoughts. What do you think about this notion?

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