Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Great list of virtual training best practices

There are a number of things you can do to increase attendance and encourage engagement among participants when you hold a virtual training event or other activity in a virtual environment. I recently found a great list of virtual training best practices from writer Robin Heyden that I wanted to share here with you.

She posted 11 tips for successful virtual training on Hypergrid Business. It was great to see that much of her advice falls in line with the recommendations we give our customers (which I let her know in the comments on the article).

After reading Robin's tips, I thought of some of the resources we supply our customers with when they start using ProtoSphere for virtual training and other activities.

One set of recommendations came to mind as particularly useful for those conducting virtual training events. I thought I'd share it here to keep the knowledge flowing.

These tips address one of the most fundamental areas for creating a successful virtual training event: how to be a good presenter. Good public speaking skills are just as important in a virtual environment as they are in the real world. Nothing can hide a genuinely bad presenter! So here are some of our tips for how to be an engaging presenter in a virtual environment.
  • Keep your energy level high.
  • Address individuals by name.
  • Interact with your attendees and keep them involved. Ask them to participate if possible.
  • Allow time for introductions.
  • Spend the first 15 minutes of your meeting conveying the most important concepts and ideas.
  • Keep the number of slides to a minimum.
  • If slides are necessary, use less text and more visuals.
  • Don't multi-task.
Hopefully this will help you get a standing O after your next virtual training presentation! What other tips do you have to add for conducting successful virtual training events?


Robin Heyden said...

Thanks for the mention, Dom, and the very useful additions. Your new Virtual Diabetes Clinic looks awesome! Would love a tour, if possible.

Dom Naccarato said...

Hi Robin, we’re very excited about the launch of the Virtual Diabetes Institute. We think immersive environments like this are definitely part of the next wave of technology to be used within the medical education community.

Since the Virtual Diabetes Institute is currently open to physicians only, we’re unable to give you a tour of the institute at this time. However, feel free to give ProtoSphere a spin, which will give you an idea of some of the functionality in the Virtual Diabetes Institute. Here is the link: http://protonmedia.com/trial-download I’d be interested in your thoughts after your tour.

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