Monday, August 15, 2011

The case for the virtual workplace

One of the most common questions we are asked by prospects, media, and bloggers is, why 3-D? Why use a 3-D virtual collaboration environment over 2-D conferencing tools for meeting, training, and other activities?

Meetings and Conventions' Michael Shapiro recently lobbed the question at me, and the short of my answer was, because that's how we learn.

I told him how the 3-D aspect of ProtoSphere supports how our brains think and visualize data. This capability is ideal for life sciences teams that need to analyze and discuss molecules under development, for example.

Michael featured my explanation in Meetings and Conventions last week, so slide over to his article for more details. And for additional insight into the topic, you can also refer to some of our past posts that answer, why 3-D?

One important note I'd like to add, however, is that it's not just the 3-D aspect that makes ProtoSphere a more engaging place to meet and learn. It's the sum total of all its capabilities -- such as integration with Microsoft Lync, Office 365, Office, SharePoint, and Active Directory; document sharing and editing; Flash and video support; and PC and Mac support -- that enables companies to use ProtoSphere as a virtual workplace (or virtual office) for meeting, learning, training, and teaming.

ProtoSphere weaves these essential business technologies together in one place where you can pass knowledge onto colleagues, gain insights from them that let you take your next action, and make more optimal business decisions because necessary resources are easily available. It's a place where you can go not to work, but rather, to get work done.

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