Friday, July 15, 2011

eCliniqua notes how ProtoSphere is humanizing collaboration in life sciences for clinical teams

One of the interesting people I met at DIA 2011 was Ann Neuer, a writer in the clinical trials industry. We chatted about collaboration and learning in the clinical space.

I filled her in on some new things we're seeing in life sciences, and why organizations have been using ProtoSphere to achieve that human-to-human interaction when holding conferences, meetings, and other events virtually.

I guess I must have said something good, because Ann thought to feature us in her eCliniqua article this week covering her highlights from DIA 2011. Click over to give it a read.

eCliniqua covers news, insights, and opinions on challenges related to clinical research, clinical trial design, data management, and technology solutions.

Thanks for featuring us, Ann.

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