Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cisco's Cius tablet off life sciences' radar

You might have caught Cisco's announcement last week that it will be shipping its new Cius tablet on July 31. Cisco has also introduced AppHQ, its Android app store for Cius.

Network World's Jim Duffy has been following the story, and recently asked me what my opinion is of the Cius and its acceptance in the enterprise marketplace. He included some of my thoughts in his latest article on the news.

During our interview, we got to talking about the Cius in the life sciences industry. From where I sit, the Cius is not on the radar of life sciences executives. All of my conversations relating to tablets are squarely focused on iPad pilots in 2011-2012 and rollouts in 2012-2013.

That's no surprise, given the iPad's leading market position, surging popularity, robust developer community, and lower price tag ($750 for Cius vs. $500 for iPad to start). The increased use of iPads inside and outside of the enterprise has also led many technology companies to develop iOS support for their products.

But while the iPad has a commanding installed base among business users, I think it's unlikely it will replace these users' other clients, such as the PC and Mac. I see enterprises focusing their tablet rollouts to information consumers -- executive and sales teams, but not most other knowledge worker roles. They tend to require a keyboard, mouse, and more screen real estate to do their primary jobs practically.

How much will these tablet rollouts start to include the Cius rather than the iPad? The jury's still out, and it appears others in the industry agree, according to Jim Duffy's latest coverage of the news. See what he unearthed by flipping over to Network World. Thanks for using me as a source, Jim.

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