Thursday, June 16, 2011

Virtual clinical trial efforts catching on, reports Outsourcing-Pharma

You might have heard about Pfizer's plans to conduct a virtual clinical trial to assess the safety and efficacy of the company’s Detrol LA product. The company will gather patient data through mobile phone and Web-based technologies, rather than clinic visits.

Pfizer's effort continues to signal a shift in the life sciences industry as it strives to conduct clinical trials more efficiently and cost effectively, writes Nick Taylor in an article on Outsourcing-Pharma this week.

He also cited the headway PPD is making in this area. As you probably have read, PPD has created a virtual clinical trial training application using ProtoSphere to improve the quality, speed, and cost-effectiveness of clinical trial training.

In his article, Nick featured some of PPD CIO Mike Wilkinson's latest thoughts why he believes this is important technology to come to life sciences. Flip over to Outsourcing-Pharma for Nick's coverage.

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