Thursday, June 9, 2011

ProtoSphere Standard Edition Feature Peek: Video playback on Presentation Boards for team knowledge sharing

In the current version of ProtoSphere, Flash video clips display in a child Web window. We're working on adding a new feature to an upcoming version of ProtoSphere Standard Edition that will let you upload and play back videos directly on Presentation Boards in your environment.

All users in the room will be able to watch the video, including playing, pausing, and stopping it. This lets you easily bring your videos to your fellow teammates for all to see and interact with. It's a snap to upload videos, and there's no server-side conversion, so they're available for playback immediately after upload.

Since ProtoSphere's Presentation Boards support multiple slides, you can upload multiple videos in your environment. And here's the cherry on top: You can also use ProtoSphere's drawing tools and laser pointer on videos, making it a great educational tool.

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