Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PPD tells the Philadelphia Business Journal why training in ProtoSphere rivals that in the real world

You might have heard that ProtonMedia is working with PPD to jointly develop a new virtual clinical trial training technology. It will combine ProtoSphere with PPD® Adaptive Solutions, the company's suite of data and information technology solutions, to help life sciences organizations improve the cost effectiveness, speed, and quality of clinical trial training.

PPD has also begun using ProtoSphere to hold virtual meetings and training sessions with employees from around the globe. Stacy Weil, PPD's Executive Director of Global Performance Optimization, recently talked to Philadelphia Business Journal reporter Peter Key about why her company decided to use ProtoSphere and results she's seeing.

Peter wrote two stories after talking with Stacy. In Friday's PBJ, he covered the ProtonMedia backstory, and how the company has grown to provide a virtual communication and collaboration solution for life sciences companies like PPD. He also detailed some of the core features and functionality that companies use when meeting and training in ProtoSphere, such as our avatars and Lync VoIP.

Yesterday, Peter followed up his coverage with a second story focusing on why Stacy has found virtual training in ProtoSphere to be more effective than training she has done in the real world.

According to Stacy, "'You become almost attached to [your avatar] and I think that's the compelling part of all this,' she said. 'When you're in ProtoSphere and your avatar's in there, it's like you feel a responsibility to your avatar and it almost [forces] you [to] participate.'"

You can read more of Stacy's feedback in Peter's articles. Thanks for sharing your insight, Stacy. And thanks for featuring it, Peter.

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