Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Microsoft booth to showcase collaborative life sciences technologies at DIA 2011 in Chicago

Here's exciting news for anyone interested in creating more effective teams. Microsoft has asked us to showcase ProtoSphere and its integration with Lync at its booth at the Drug Information Association (DIA) 2011 Annual Meeting.

ProtoSphere uses Lync as the heart of its communications features, giving our application the best-sounding and most scalable VoIP of any virtual collaboration environment.

About 8,000 life sciences professionals are expected to gather in Chicago in June for DIA 2011. One of reasons the DIA Annual Meeting attracts levels of attendees that rival a rock concert is because it's one of few, if not the only conference every year where life sciences professionals can be steeped in the latest innovations in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical research, regulatory compliance, IT, and professional development all in one place.

Monday, May 23, 2011

This is your brain in a virtual collaboration environment

Jim Blascovich, Ph.D.
About a year ago, we posted an article titled "This is your brain on PowerPoint." It's consistently been one of our most popular posts since then. The point was to articulate the challenges of communicating 3-D information using 2-D methods.

We also talk a lot about the benefits of training, learning, and holding meetings and other events in virtual environments. Some of our customers have documented how they've been able to improve knowledge transfer and knowledge retention, for instance.

But what's really behind those numbers? Well, we went to Jim Blascovich, Ph.D., to find out. Here's what he had to tell us about what our brains are like in a virtual collaboration environment.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Microsoft snatches human-powered network from Cisco in Skype acquisition

Microsoft's acquisition of Skype comes at a noteworthy time. Last week, amid the breaking news and coverage about the deal, another major technology story took a new turn. It was headlined by Cisco.

The company announced that it plans to continue its massive restructuring, shut down underperforming business units, and cut $1 billion in expenses by fiscal 2012. That also might include laying off up to 4,000 employees, potentially the biggest layoff in the company's history.

This comes on the heels of Cisco folding its Flip video camera business in April as part of its restructuring of its consumer unit. It's a change that holds new significance now that Microsoft has acquired Skype.

In my opinion, the Microsoft-Skype deal has moved the center of the human-powered network to Redmond. Microsoft has taken Cisco's position in the market in one fell $8.5 billion swoop.

Think about it. Microsoft has historically been the data and document titan. Skype adds voice and video to its offerings, and Lync will be the connector that brings it the enterprise. Taken together, Microsoft has created the human-powered network that Cisco never was.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PPD tells the Philadelphia Business Journal why training in ProtoSphere rivals that in the real world

You might have heard that ProtonMedia is working with PPD to jointly develop a new virtual clinical trial training technology. It will combine ProtoSphere with PPD® Adaptive Solutions, the company's suite of data and information technology solutions, to help life sciences organizations improve the cost effectiveness, speed, and quality of clinical trial training.

PPD has also begun using ProtoSphere to hold virtual meetings and training sessions with employees from around the globe. Stacy Weil, PPD's Executive Director of Global Performance Optimization, recently talked to Philadelphia Business Journal reporter Peter Key about why her company decided to use ProtoSphere and results she's seeing.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Philadelphia Business Journal has a great photo of a guitar ...

... along with some guy who probably likes playing it ... I think his name is Ron or something?

Yep, it's me.

The editors of Philadelphia Business Journal featured me in their CEO File last week. It was a humbling experience to answer all of the editors' questions. It made me learn some things about myself that even I didn't realize!

You know, when I was growing up, the dream amongst my music buds and me was to be on the cover of Rolling Stone. Well, I haven't made Rolling Stone, but I did get into the PBJ!

Thanks to the PBJ editors for the opportunity. Appreciate it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Today we announced our partnership with Sify Software Limited

A few weeks ago I gave you a sneak peek into our new partnership with Sify Software Limited, one of the largest managed enterprise and consumer Internet services companies in India. Today we formally announced our agreement on the wire.

We'll be working together to meld ProtoSphere with Sify’s learning and instructional design and systems integration services. The result will be a virtual environment that life sciences companies can use to improve knowledge sharing, increase knowledge retention, and boost employee performance.

Here's our press release with more details on how we'll be working together and what it means for life sciences companies.

ProtonMedia and Sify Sign Technology and Services Agreement

Partnership to deliver next-gen virtual learning and training solutions to global life sciences companies

LANSDALE, Pa.--(BUSINESSWIRE)--ProtonMedia and Sify Software Limited today announced a new technology and services agreement that will bring collaborative learning and training solutions to global life sciences companies and other such global organizations worldwide. Under the terms of the agreement, e-Learning Customers will now be able to meld ProtonMedia's virtual collaboration environment called ProtoSphere, with Sify's learning and instructional design and systems integration services to create a secure and virtual environment that will that help improve knowledge sharing, increase knowledge retention, and boost employee performance.
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