Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First details on the ProtonMedia and Sify Software Limited partnership

This year, our efforts to build out the ProtonMedia partner network have been substantial. You probably already read about our new agreement with Enabling Technologies, and how we augmented our relationship with Microsoft to become a Silver Unified Communications partner. That brings our total number of industry partnerships to seven.

These partnerships are important because companies are increasingly looking for virtual collaboration. And ProtoSphere is built for integration. It plays nicely with Microsoft technologies, and integrates easily and seamlessly with other companies' technologies that are built on the Microsoft product line.

So with that said, I'm proud to announce the latest company to join the ProtonMedia partner network: Sify Software Limited. It's one of the largest managed enterprise and consumer Internet services companies in India.

Now I could tell you how ProtoSphere fits into Sify's technologies, but I'll let Mukund Parthasarathy, Sify's Business Development Manager for Learning Services, tell you himself in our video. Sify is doing some interesting things in its practice area to bring learning and collaboration together. Mukund dishes the deets below.

We'll also be following this up with a press release. (Hey, we are in the new, social media world after all!)

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