Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New virtual clinical trial training solution to be introduced by ProtonMedia and PPD

I'm here at the Partnerships in Clinical Trials conference in Phoenix today. This morning, we announced our new agreement with PPD, in which we'll work to jointly develop a new virtual clinical trial training solution for life sciences organizations.

Our goal is create a solution to improve the cost effectiveness, speed, and quality of clinical trial training by integrating ProtoSphere with PPD® Adaptive Solutions, PPD’s innovative suite of data and information technology solutions.

More details on our agreement can be found in our press release. If you're at Partnerships in Clinical Trials this week, stop by PPD's booth, #601, for a demonstration of ProtoSphere and the technology that will base our forthcoming virtual clinical trial training solution.

ProtonMedia and PPD to Introduce New Virtual Clinical Trial Training Solution

PPD will showcase ProtonMedia’s ProtoSphere at the 20th Annual Partnerships in Clinical Trials Conference on March 30-April 1

Partnerships in Clinical Trials Conference

LANSDALE, Pa., & WILMINGTON, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ProtonMedia and PPD, Inc. (Nasdaq: PPDI) today announced they have entered into an agreement to jointly develop a new virtual clinical trial training solution that will improve the cost effectiveness, speed and quality of clinical trial training for life sciences organizations.

The solution will integrate ProtonMedia’s ProtoSphere virtual collaboration environment with PPD® Adaptive Solutions, PPD’s innovative suite of data and information technology solutions. The combination will be a virtual collaborative environment built around PPD’s customizable, flexible and integrated technology solutions to advance clinical research programs. PPD will showcase ProtoSphere to its client base at the 20th Annual Partnerships in Clinical Trials conference being held March 30 to April 1 in Phoenix, Ariz.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Catch up at the Partnerships in Clinical Trials show next week?

The Partnerships in Clinical Trials 2011 show kicks off next Wednesday in Phoenix. This year marks the show's 20th anniversary, and it will be celebrating two decades of clinical development excellence.

I'll be attending the show, meeting, greeting, and networking with new and familiar faces in the life sciences industry. If you're planning on going too and want to catch up, there's a good chance you'll find me nearby my friends from PPD at their booth, #601. Otherwise, I'll be mingling about the floor.

ProtonMedia will also be announcing some news from Partnerships in Clinical Trials, so watch your news feeds and our blog for our announcement.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First details on the ProtonMedia and Sify Software Limited partnership

This year, our efforts to build out the ProtonMedia partner network have been substantial. You probably already read about our new agreement with Enabling Technologies, and how we augmented our relationship with Microsoft to become a Silver Unified Communications partner. That brings our total number of industry partnerships to seven.

These partnerships are important because companies are increasingly looking for virtual collaboration. And ProtoSphere is built for integration. It plays nicely with Microsoft technologies, and integrates easily and seamlessly with other companies' technologies that are built on the Microsoft product line.

So with that said, I'm proud to announce the latest company to join the ProtonMedia partner network: Sify Software Limited. It's one of the largest managed enterprise and consumer Internet services companies in India.

Now I could tell you how ProtoSphere fits into Sify's technologies, but I'll let Mukund Parthasarathy, Sify's Business Development Manager for Learning Services, tell you himself in our video. Sify is doing some interesting things in its practice area to bring learning and collaboration together. Mukund dishes the deets below.

We'll also be following this up with a press release. (Hey, we are in the new, social media world after all!)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Web conferencing is a piece, not the whole pie

It's increasingly apparent that basic Web conferencing (from companies such as WebEx and GoToMeeting) is becoming a free commodity that isn't highly valued anymore as a standalone product.

I recently read about a new AMI-Partners report on eWeek that found more than 25 percent of small businesses in the U.S. would deploy unified communications integrated with SaaS offerings as paid services, if they were available from a single provider.

These companies are looking for not just a communications tool, but rather a communications and collaboration technology solution set. While this study looked at small businesses, we're seeing a similar trend happening among large companies and institutions as well.

In ProtonMedia's experience with life sciences companies, for instance, we're finding employees and physicians increasingly want to be able to choose how they communicate and collaborate. As I touched upon in the comment I left on the eWeek article, Web conferencing is just one of many ways they're looking to do this.

They also want to be able to share and collaboratively edit documents, voice chat, text chat, etc. -- all from one user interface. Providing this context to communications is the driver of the features and functionality we continue to bake into ProtoSphere.

The end game is a way to communicate and collaborate around a unified learning experience. For instance, KOL activities, knowledge transfer, scientific data exchange, e-Learning, compliancy, and onboarding, as well as R&D collaboration. In these situations, we let users capitalize on multiple data feeds and content in a visual environment that fosters social engagement around the topics of interest.

But more than that, we help them separate the signal from the noise. It's one thing to provide people with access to lots of data. It's another thing to provide an environment where they're able to focus on the data that matters to them and make informed decisions as a result.

Writer Nathan Eddy cites some other examples of this trend in his article, and provides some analysis of what it means for companies. Click over to eWeek to read more. Thanks for the coverage, Nathan.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thanks to The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Just wanted to post a note of thanks to Chris Ward at The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) for sharing news of our forthcoming Mac version of ProtoSphere. We appreciate it, and can't wait to bring the ProtoSphere experience to Mac users and all of the life sciences companies that have been asking us to make this a reality.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mac support to come to ProtoSphere Standard Edition

ProtoSphere was built on Windows. In fact, it is the only virtual environment of its kind to be built exclusively on Microsoft technology. But that doesn't mean Mac users can't take benefit from ProtoSphere as well.

Over the past year, we've had many requests from users for a Mac version of ProtoSphere. That's been a result of increased use of the application outside of the enterprise with external, customer-facing engagements, such as CME, KOL activities, professional education, and speaker bureaus. And frankly, given Apple's resurgence, we're starting to see more Macs in the enterprise today.

When we looked into it, we found ProtoSphere was architected in such a way that it was entirely possible to produce a Mac version. This is not unlike how Microsoft has a version of Office for Windows, but also has a version of Office for the Mac. If you build your apps right from the get-go, portability is possible.

We created a SWAT team of developers who have been hard at work over the past few months porting over our Windows-based ProtoSphere Standard Edition platform so that Mac users can take full advantage of what the environment has to offer.

Existing ProtoSphere users will notice little difference in functionality between the two flavors of the platform. In fact, the majority of the functionality, even the user interface, is identical.

The new version will be supported on OS X Leopard and OS X Snow Leopard. More details to come as we continue development.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Treasury and Risk looks at compliance challenges in virtual environments

Life sciences, financial services, and many other industries continue to face increasing pressure to uphold compliance standards. Maria Korolov recently wrote an article for Treasury and Risk about how companies can get ahead of some of their compliance challenges using virtual environments. She cites recommendations from several industry executives and analysts. You can catch it in online or the February issue of Treasury and Risk.

ProtoSphere Lync Edition demo from Enterprise Connect's Innovation Showcase

In case you missed my presentation at Enterprise Connect 2011's Innovation Showcase last week, here's your second chance to catch it. Videos of presentations at the show are posted on the Enterprise Connect TV website.

You'll have to log in to access them. If don't have an account, feel free to use our reader login:
Password: ProtonMedia
After you log in, click the first video, "Enterprise Connect Startup Showcase." My presentation begins about a minute in.

You'll be able to see a general walk-through of the major capabilities of ProtoSphere Lync Edition, and how organizations can use the platform with Microsoft Lync for meeting, collaborating, and communicating.

Friday, March 4, 2011

insideCTI says ProtonMedia 'impresses' at Enterprise Connect Innovation Showcase

This week we had the honor of exhibiting at the Innovation Showcase at Enterprise Connect 2011. I had a great chat with Eugene Liu, a telecom independent contractor and editor of insideCTI. After I showed him ProtoSphere, Eugene spouted off a tweet with his reaction.

Back at home base after the show, Eugene shared his thoughts on ProtoSphere on his blog, writing that "ProtonMedia impresses with virtual collaboration." Swing over to Eugene's post to find out why. Thanks for the kudos, dude.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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