Wednesday, December 1, 2010

CIO magazine examines whether virtual collaboration really works in business

Merck's use of ProtoSphere to hold a virtual poster session continues to gain media attention. Merck scientists recently shared their research about using ProtoSphere with writer Stephanie Overby, who reported the findings in CIO magazine. You can read her article now online, or, for those who still like to hold cold hard copy in their hands :), in the latest issue of CIO magazine.

Stephanie shares Merck's thoughts and analysis on why the company wanted to hold a virtual poster session, why it decided to use ProtoSphere, and how it built the environment and ran the event. She also included what Merck learned from the deployment, and its advice for making virtual poster sessions work.

"After the event, 83 percent of users said access to the virtual posters’ information was the same as or better than in the physical world. More than half said the virtual symposium overall was more valuable than the in-person version ..." reports Stephanie.

Many other interesting results and takeaways can be found in the CIO article. Thanks to Stephanie and the Merck team for sharing the findings!

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