Friday, November 5, 2010

ProtoSphere Lync Edition 2010 Super Feature Peek: Microsoft Lync Sever 2010 integration

The biggest new feature we're introducing in ProtoSphere Lync Edition 2010 will be Microsoft Lync Sever 2010 support. As soon as you step into ProtoSphere, the first thing you'll probably notice is the clarity and richness of the VoIP, thanks to the Lync system.

However, that's not all Lync has enabled us to add. I told you about our new Phone Dialer earlier today. And in addition, we've made three other major updates to ProtoSphere's voice communications functionality, all of which are supported through Lync. They include:

Always-on VoIP for hands-free talking. You'll be able to speak and hear other users the moment you enter a zone.

Echo cancellation, which eliminates possible echo when speaking without a headset. You'll no longer need to wear one to ensure an echo-free experience.

Communication Panel, which lets you adjust and mute/unmute your microphone; adjust and mute/unmute your speaker; and select your audio device, whether it be headset or built-in microphone/speakers.

That makes five Lync-supported features you can't find in any other virtual environment. Watch all of them in action in our video below. I recorded the audio for this video through Lync's technology, so you'll also hear just how crisp ProtoSphere VoIP will be.

UPDATE 11/17/10: We've renamed ProtoSphere 1.6 as ProtoSphere Lync Edition 2010.

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