Friday, August 6, 2010

Bloomsburg University's latest experience in ProtoSphere

Dr. Karl Kapp regularly takes his students into virtual world platforms as part of the learning in 3-D class he holds at Bloomsburg University. This week, ProtoSphere was on his agenda, and he wrote about his experience on his blog. How did things go? What did his students think?

Flip to Karl's post to get his reaction in his own words. Also be sure to read through the comments for his students' feedback. We appreciate every time Dr. Karl takes his class into ProtoSphere. Thanks dude!

1 comment:

Karl Kapp said...

Thanks for allowing it to be open, the students love ProtoSphere, especially the data visualization and socialization aspects!

It really gives them a great understanding of the aspects of a corporate-focused virtual immersive environment.

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