Tuesday, August 24, 2010

7 ways business leaders can set manager expectations

Business leaders must continually ensure managers have a clear understanding of their organization's goals and what's expected of them. Every workforce management initiative must align with the company's strategic planning.

I was just reading a blog post about this from Mike Koper, Senior Projects Specialist for RWD’s Manufacturing group. (You might recall that RWD is one of our partners.)

Mike writes, "In general, leaders need to possess attributes of flexibility, agility and mastery of motivating the workforce through active engagement ... Leader’s communication must progressively articulate the challenge of the mission while accentuating the conditions. In short, leaders must ensure clarity of expectations."

Mike goes on to describe seven rules of engagement to help leaders communicate their organization's business objectives to managers and clearly set performance expectations. He also talks about how business leaders can determine whether their training and learning initiatives are aligned with their strategic planning initiatives.

His article is a good read for business leaders across industries, and underscores the importance of finding and creating organizational value through human capital management. What are your thoughts on Mike's advice? Agree, disagree?

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