Thursday, July 8, 2010

John Underkoffler on the future of UI, in case you missed it

Remember in "Minority Report" when Tom Cruise put on his data glove and zipped through future crime video clips? Well, that point-and-touch UI technology, called g-speak, isn't being left behind in Hollywood.

If you're a computer nerd like me, you're probably up on g-speak. John Underkoffler, inventor of g-speak and the film's science adviser, is working to move the technology into our everyday lives. His company, Oblong Industries, has a vision to put g-speak on computers, TVs, and more. So instead of a keyboard or mouse, users will be able to control their computer with simple gestures.

John presented g-speak at the TED2010 conference earlier this year. If you haven't seen his presentation yet, it's worth watching. John gives a great demo of g-speak, and talks about the history of UI and why its future might be headed in this direction.

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