Thursday, June 3, 2010

ProtoSphere will support Microsoft SharePoint 2010

As you probably know, ProtoSphere integrates with Microsoft SharePoint 2007. Our SharePoint Media Carousel lets users bring documents and other media from SharePoint into their ProtoSphere environment, where they can share and collaborate on them.

This support will be extended to include SharePoint 2010. So no worries if you're a ProtoSphere user and your company is upgrading to the new version of SharePoint. All of the integration capabilities you're using now will be available in a future ProtoSphere release.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. More details on the support are also in the press release we issued yesterday, which you can read below.

ProtonMedia Announces Support for Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Existing support for SharePoint 2007 will be extended to include SharePoint 2010

LANSDALE, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ProtonMedia today announced its ProtoSphere virtual collaboration environment for the high-performance workplace will support the new Microsoft SharePoint 2010. ProtonMedia first introduced support for SharePoint 2007 in September 2009, becoming the first and only 3-D virtual collaboration environment to integrate with SharePoint. By adding ProtonMedia’s SharePoint Media Carousel to their ProtoSphere environment, companies extend their SharePoint investment and processes while they improve product life cycle management (PLM) and speed collaborative decision-making in ProtoSphere.

“SharePoint is crucial to life sciences as one of the most widely used content and process management platforms in that industry today,” says Ron Burns, CEO of ProtonMedia. “And therefore it’s crucial to ProtoSphere users, who need to work with SharePoint’s resources within their virtual collaboration environment. In addition to ensuring that SharePoint 2010 users can seamlessly work with their SharePoint data in ProtoSphere, we’re adding some exciting new functionality to ProtoSphere to take advantage of the latest capabilities Microsoft has released in SharePoint 2010.”

SharePoint 2010 support will be introduced in a future release of ProtoSphere. Customers who license SharePoint today and are covered under the ProtonMedia maintenance agreement will receive SharePoint 2010 when available.

ProtoSphere’s SharePoint Media Carousel makes it easy for users to share and use any media stored in or managed by SharePoint. They can securely bring live content from their company’s SharePoint infrastructure into ProtoSphere’s virtual environment. Once there, the virtual teams can edit, modify, change, and write the content back to their SharePoint infrastructure. This includes content and metadata subject to workflow, process, and compliance rules defined in and enforced by SharePoint.


ProtonMedia is the developer of ProtoSphere, the market-leading virtual collaboration environment for the high-performance workplace, and the #1 virtual environment for collaborative PLM in life sciences. ProtoSphere’s virtual environment provides an arsenal of business-focused collaboration and communication tools that help companies accelerate decision-making and raise productivity, improving workplace performance overall. The company is a Gartner “Cool Vendor in the High-Performance Workplace” for 2010. Its customers include some of the world’s most respected brands, including AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Merck Inc., BP, Chevron, Duke University, Deloitte, TIAA-CREF, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Cisco. A trial version of ProtoSphere can be downloaded at For more information, visit


Visit the ProtonMedia press kit online.


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