Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dr. Karl Kapp: "the tipping point for 3D will be in the healthcare industry"

My bud Dr. Karl Kapp hit the nail on the head in his blog post on Monday. He looked at the meaning and implication behind Microsoft giving Merck and ProtonMedia its Life Sciences Innovation Award last week.

I thought it was a spot-on analysis of the life sciences industry and why it's leading the adoption of 3-D virtual collaboration environments. As Karl wrote, "the tipping point for 3D will be in the healthcare industry."

I won't steal Karl's thunder here, so swing over to his post for his full analysis. Thanks for the thoughtful evaluation, Karl.

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Unknown said...

Karl knows it, Ron knows it, 2b3d knows it, the medical community knows it - Health Care is the differentiator for the Internet, whether it be in medical records, health fitness, aging support, inworld counseling, there is a large population of users, who likely will relate to the world through their avatar. The principle service for this "grey" group will be medical. Let us generate serious solutions for them, both virtual and physical and let's connect them through cyber communities that turn a profit while doing it. Congratulations Ron, and good call Karl.

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