Thursday, May 13, 2010

What the ProtonMedia-Kaplan EduNeering partnership means for life sciences companies

There's a reason life sciences companies are at the forefront of organizations researching next-generation ways to collaborate globally online. They don't have a choice. The major industry consolidation we've seen in recent years is all but over. Companies are discovering that old communication models are inadequate for the new realities of their corporate structure.

For instance, e-mails with people BCCed on the threads create compliance challenges. Workers flying from 26 points around the world to converge at one campus for a day-long conference is not cost- or time-effective. And global teams are increasingly hitting the limits of PowerPoint, Excel, and tools such as WebEx as they struggle to contain, conceptualize, and communicate complex information. The 2-D "flatland" model is broken.

This is the impetus behind our new partnership with Kaplan EduNeering. If you've spent any time perusing our case studies, looking through our media coverage, or talking to people in life sciences who use ProtoSphere, it's clear we have figured out a practical, yet cutting-edge and cost-effective way to help global companies eliminate barriers of time, distance, and 2-D.

But that's not to say we've figured out everything. The Kaplan EduNeering Platform delivers learning management technology across industries, and its award-winning, compliance-based LMS, ComplianceWire, is at the forefront of compliance learning programs for the life sciences industry. We see incredible synergy and benefits for both our customers by pairing ProtoSphere's virtual collaborative workplace technology with ComplianceWire's compliance tracking engine.

That's all I'll tell you here. Get the full download by watching the interview between Lisa Clune, President of Kaplan EduNeering, my good friend Dr. Karl Kapp, and myself, taken at Kaplan EduNeering's Knowledge Summit last Thursday.

By the way, we also have the transcript of the interview available, if you'd rather read than watch.

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this is great, thanks

kapp is a great interviewer!!

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