Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How the ProtonMedia-RWD partnership will help companies improve human capital management

Yesterday you heard my take on our new partnership with RWD. We'll be working together to develop the first 3-D virtual collaborative workplace for human capital management.

Now hear about it from RWD's perspective. Mal Poulin, Enterprise Market Director for RWD, and Paul Bejgrowicz, Principal Performance Consultant for RWD, gathered round the table with Dr. Karl Kapp yesterday at the ASTD 2010 conference to talk about the partnership.

Tune in to the interview below to learn how we'll be integrating RWD's human and operational performance improvement solutions into ProtoSphere. Mal and Paul also explain how RWD's customers can take advantage of the data visualization and other 3-D capabilities of ProtoSphere for executing initiatives such as improving job performance.

That's all I'll say here. Watch the video for the full scoop!

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