Monday, May 24, 2010

From ASTD 2010: How enterprises are collaborating in virtual immersive environments

Last week, Drs. Karl Kapp and Tony O'Driscoll presented at the ASTD conference about the key concepts they cover in their new book, "Learning in 3D." It's the first title from a major publisher to help organizations understand how virtual immersive environments (VIEs) can improve enterprise learning and collaboration.

Next to their book, Karl and Tony's ASTD presentation is some of the most in-depth coverage of their 3-D learning concepts and case studies. They explained the basics of VIEs, and shared nine case studies from early adopters who are using this technology today. They also described 10 steps required to drive successful enterprise adoption of 3-D learning solutions.

Karl and Tony walked the audience through ProtoSphere, and demoed its data visualization functionality and other capabilities that organizations are using to communicate and collaborate in the 3-D virtual workplace.

If you missed their presentation at ASTD, or if you saw it and want a refresher, you can catch the complete video below.

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