Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Robert Half Technology CIO report finds upswing in technology upgrades

OFF THE SHELF: CIOs proceeding with tech upgrades
It's no surprise the recession has caused many CIOs to put new technology initiatives and upgrades on hold. But a new survey from Robert Half Technology finds that some of these projects are back on the front burner.

Thirty-seven percent of CIOs interviewed said they were moving forward with plans to deploy software and hardware upgrades that had been deferred due to the economy.

The survey revealed several other interesting findings about what types of projects are back on CIOs' radars, and why. Jack Germain covered the findings in an article on E-Commerce Times the other week, and analyzed their implications. It's worth a read.

Jack also used me as a source for his reporting. And as I told him in our conversation, while many companies have outsourced IT services during the recession, it's siloed their IT strategy. With IT investments starting to come back online, companies are naturally looking to centralize their IT tools and processes. Because let's face it, there's no better way to manage your IT strategy than to have it centralized in-house.

Companies' challenge now is to find a means to bring it all together. (Note: I will have some thoughts on this in future posts.)

Read Jack's article to see what suggestions he uncovered in his reporting.

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