Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No child left offline: Help e-Learning for Kids bring education to all children worldwide

I had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with an old friend over dinner last week, Nick Van Dam. He's the Global Chief Learning Officer of Deloitte, and has done great work in the field of corporate learning and leadership development.

In addition to his day job, Nick has set up a great foundation to spread quality education around the globe, the e-Learning For Kids Foundation. It's a volunteer-based organization that offers about 200 free, interactive online courses for children ages 5-12 (or older depending on their command of the language and scholastic level).

We're working with Nick to set up an interview to talk more about e-Learning for Kids and education, so look for a podcast with him in one of our next posts. In the meantime, I wanted to tell you more about the foundation.

Most of the courses are in English, but about 20 are also available in Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Topics include math, science, language arts, computers, health, life skills, and the environment. Numbers-wise, e-Learning for Kids provided free education to 1.6 million children in 190 countries last year. It has an exciting vision to reach 20 million children by 2015.

BUT, this is only possible with support from corporations and individuals. Consider this stat: More than 100 million children do not attend primary school, according to UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund). Children are our future, and too many aren't receiving the education they need to realize their potential and continue the progress and innovation we're making as a society.

This can be changed if all children could gain access to high-quality education. ProtonMedia is a supporter of e-Learning For Kids, and I encourage you to join us.

See if you or the company you work with can step up and support this great foundation. There are several ways you can get involved, whether it be through volunteer work, partnerships, corporate sponsorship, personal donations, or anything to help raise awareness for the need to provide all our children with high-quality primary education.

I look at my own brood of four, and I can't imagine depriving them of an education. Your education helps determine your future, and every child should have access to an education so they can succeed in life. Any support you can provide e-Learning for Kids would make a difference, whether for one, or many children around the world. Thanks to everyone who reaches out!

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