Monday, April 5, 2010

Collaboration Advantages of 3-D Virtual Immersive Environments, by Karl Kapp

You might have noticed the button on the side of our blog where you can download a new white paper by Karl Kapp. His piece, Collaboration Advantages of 3-D Virtual Immersive Environments, discusses global industry's increasing focus on collaboration.

He details the elements of successful collaboration, and how 3-D virtual immersive environments (VIEs) can help organizations share content, generate ideas, and solve problems across geographically dispersed teams. Karl's white paper covers the bases regarding the benefits of virtual immersive environments, and it's well-worth a read.

Also, feel free to share the white paper with others. But please, if you could, share the download link, rather than forwarding the white paper itself around. As you might already realize, we're trying to collect the e-mail addresses of those interested in this subject matter, so we can better understand the market for immersive environments and what's driving interest.

So without further ado, enjoy Karl's white paper!

KAPPTURED: Karl Kapp covers the benefits of VIEs

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