Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back from ShareFEST with coverage, videos, reactions, and takeaways

The weekend has given me a chance to mull over the ShareFEST conference. I think the show went well for us. I'm excited about the new connections we made and thought-provoking conversations we had while we were there.

I'm writing a more detailed post about how ShareFEST went, and things I observed from my interactions with attendees and other speakers. I'll be posting that soon, so check back for that.

We normally like to bring back a boatload of videos from the conferences we go to. But this time around we had a limited number of passes, so unfortunately our usual blogging crew couldn't accompany us. (Sorry guys!!)

That said, though, I did manage to interview a few folks and record my conversations with the camera on my iPhone. We'll have those for you as soon as I figure out how to share them. :P I'm sure Steve Jobs made it very simple. Just gotta do it.

Meanwhile, click over to this Bamboo Nation article to hear how my presentation went. Writer John Anderson summed up my presentation about Merck's use of ProtoSphere, and highlighted some of the key metrics that Merck measured after their event.

By the way, if you think the photo of me is fuzzy, it's not your eyes or your computer screen. Either the cameraman had a shaky hand, or I was moving around a lot -- probably the latter because I always get excited talking about ProtoSphere. :-)

Also, if you weren't able to get to ShareFEST this year, I recommend you plan to attend for next year. The event was sold out. At some points during the day, it was wall-to-wall people. By our estimation, there were about 300 professionals from life sciences in attendance. There were a lot of great presentations from companies with leading-edge innovations. Definitely a keeper for us!

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