Thursday, April 22, 2010

3-D Internet: Present or future?

Did you hear the recent prediction from Sean Koehl, a technology evangelist at Intel? He said that the 3-D Internet will arrive in five to 10 years. Sharon Gaudin covered it on ComputerWorld the other week.

She quoted Sean: "'The Internet may never go fully 3-D, but making 3-D environments broadly accessible is probably capable within five years.'"

I don't want to disagree with Sean, but from where I sit, the 3-D Internet is here today. As I said in my comment on the article, companies -- like ProtonMedia -- have been helping organizations do business in 3-D over the Internet for several years.

We've been helping companies transform their businesses into high-performance workplaces and accelerate collaborative decision-making using technologies including Internet protocols and VoIP.

I think if you take a look at our case studies, you'd agree. These aren't futuristic fantasies. They are real-world business cases that show the 3-D Internet isn't five years off. It's here and now.

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Dom Naccarato said...

I read about Sean Koehl's prediction as well, but I had a different reaction (which I also left in the comments). This quote from Sean in the article sticks out at me: "'When we get to the point where suddenly it becomes easy to do something that seemed hard before, then it will be a dramatic change.'"

That's true of any technology, no? When it became easier to attach a file to e-mail, all of a sudden you didn't have to use the fax machine anymore. As software architects, I think we always need to keep that in mind.

How is our product going to make someone's job easier? What things can we build that allow people to do something that they didn't even realize they could do? We're still trying to figure those things out ourselves, and that's what I think Sean's five-to-10-year horizon allows for.

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