Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Merck's use of ProtoSphere featured in Nature Chemistry

Nature Chemistry covered Merck's ProtoSphere use in its latest issue. The five-page piece details Merck's entire experience, from what their collaboration challenges were; to what they used ProtoSphere for; to the training, collaboration, and knowledge management metrics they pulled out from their deployment.

Unfortunately, due to copyright restrictions, we can't feature the article here. But if you're interested in enterprise virtual collaboration and conferencing, the article is well worth the $18 read. You'll get Merck's objective, scientific analysis of their ProtoSphere deployment, including both the positive and negative aspects.

I'd encourage you to download the article. Or, if you're in our offices, you can read the copy I bought. :-)

LEARNED SCIENCE: Merck publishes its ProtoSphere experience in Nature Chemistry

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