Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How ProtoSphere stacks up according to In a Strange Land

If you've heard me talk about ProtoSphere at any length, you've probably heard me say that one benefit to presenting and sharing information in the application is that it can help avoid "death by PowerPoint." This is because the environment lets users interact around content and with one another, instead of listening to the person with the token present whatever he or she thinks is important.

Iggy O, a blogger for In a Strange Land, thought so too. He wrote about ProtoSphere last week, dubbed "No Flying, But No More Death By PowerPoint: The ProtoSphere Virtual World." He talks about our Media Carousel, and how the immersive environment compares to video conferencing. Get the full read by swinging over to In a Strange Land.

SIZING UP: In a Strange Land writes about ProtoSphere

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