Monday, February 15, 2010

ProtoSphere 1.4 Feature Peek: Here's what's included with your baseline ProtoSphere license

When you license ProtoSphere 1.4, just what do you get in the box?

We call ProtoSphere's standard, or basic, platform the "Standard Environment Package." From day one, you get 15 virtual zones, including:
ATTENTION CLASS: A large ProtoSphere classroom
  • One Welcome Center
  • One Collaboration Center
  • Six collaboration rooms
  • Two meeting rooms
  • Two classrooms
  • One trade show hall
  • One small auditorium, for small conferences
  • One large auditorium, for large events of up to 250 people
Those are the default names, but you can easily rename each zone. For instance, you might want to call a meeting room your "Sales Meeting Center" for your sales team. And for those of you interested in having a fully customized 3-D environment, don't worry ... we can still accommodate your needs.

Every space also supports Presentation Boards and Media Carousels. And every installation includes the Environment Admin Tool which gives you account, zone, capacity, and permissions administration capabilities.

There you have it. Any questions, feel free to write to me or comment here.

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