Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pharmaceutical's first virtual poster session featured in Pharma Magazine

Our case study about a global pharmaceutical firm conducting a virtual poster session in ProtoSphere opened the eyes of the editors of Pharma Magazine. They invited me to contribute an article covering the story. It's out now in the current issue, or you can read it online.

If you've ever been part of a poster session, you're probably familiar with the logistical challenges and costs involved. But with ProtoSphere, this firm was able to save these costs AND headaches.

The company's IT team did a study afterward to measure the effectiveness of the virtual event, and this stat jumped out at me: Eighty-three percent of attendees said the virtual event was the same or better than meeting in the real world.

I think this firm's case study gives other pharmaceutical and life sciences enterprises a starting ground for exploring how they can use virtual worlds for their own poster sessions, and in other areas of their business. If you're interested in learning how they did it, turn your eyes to the article.

POSTED: Pharma Magazine covers industry's first virtual poster session

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