Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Social networking in the enterprise? Companies also looking to 3-D virtual worlds.

C. W. Thompson put together his round-up of social networking technologies for the enterprise in a VentureBeat article last week. He listed several popular tools, such as SocialCast and Yammer, but he didn't touch upon what I think is the most exciting area of online collaboration -- you guessed it, 3-D virtual worlds.

Companies are already measuring significant gains in engagement, speed of knowledge transfer, and team productivity by using 3-D virtual worlds for training and collaboration. (See our case study documenting a global pharmaceutical company's use of ProtoSphere to build a 3-D social network for onboarding.)

As I mention in the comment I left on C.W.'s article, the potential for enterprise 3-D virtual worlds is huge; so much so that developers of consumer virtual worlds, such as Linden Lab with Second Life, are now trying to figure out how to break in.

Click over to C.W.'s article for the rest of his list and more of my thoughts in the comments.

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