Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ProtoSphere 1.4 Feature Peek: Single sign-on with Active Directory integration simplifies logon

A new feature in ProtoSphere 1.4 is Active Directory integration. One of the core benefits of this is the ability to support single sign-on. Our developers have been hard at work at enabling this, and I wanted to share with you a sneak peak of the function in action.

If you’re familiar with ProtoSphere, you’ll recall that every time you launch the application, a login box appears that prompts you to enter your username and password. Once the credentials are passed to the system and checked, you’re allowed entrance into the environment.

With version 1.4 and single sign-on, however, we remove that process. You are already logged into your computer and company network. So when you launch ProtoSphere, it now checks Active Directory for your credentials, passes that information onto the ProtoSphere servers, and allows you to enter the environment.

Now, you might be thinking, Well what’s the big deal if I have to type in my username and password one more time? The added benefit goes to the system administrators of an enterprise-wide roll-out. There’s no longer a need to maintain multiple sets of credentials -- not to mention the nightmare of having to enter potentially thousands of user accounts into a new system.

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