Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mark Oehlert of Defense Acquisition University looks at immersive learning environments

With the e-learning industry exploring ways to improve training, retention, and performance, one new approach under consideration is immersive environments. Mark Oehlert talked to Ron about it during the 3D TLC show. Mark is an Innovation Evangelist at the Defense Acquisition University, a U.S. Department of Defense university focused on improving the learning outcomes for over 150,000 acquisition personnel.

Marks discusses what's next on the e-learning front, and the need to move to new technologies to improve learning and performance. The mistake will be bolting new learning paradigms onto old technology, instead of thinking about the new technologies available to us.

For more from Mark, you can turn to his blog, e-Clippings, and follow him on Twitter @moehlert.

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