Thursday, October 8, 2009

Learning and collaboration: A more perfect union in 3-D virtual worlds, says Dr. Eilif Trondsen

Learning and collaboration go hand-in-hand in 3-D virtual worlds. And lately, there's been more hand-locking going on. Eilif Trondsen, Ph.D. talked to Ron about it during the 3D TLC show, video below. Dr. Trondsen is the Director of Virtual Worlds @ Work at SRI Consulting Business Intelligence. Virtual Worlds @ Work is a global consortium and network of thought leaders and early adopters of virtual worlds.

In the interview, Dr. Trondsen discusses how he is seeing learning and collaboration come together in the 3-D virtual worlds space. The industry is moving beyond talking about concepts of 3-D virtual technology, to actually implementing it in the enterprise. And while it's yet to be determined whether we are at the tipping point of mainstream adoption, Dr. Trondsen thinks the industry is strengthening with the growing number of use cases in the books. For more from Dr. Trondsen, you can follow him on Twitter @eiliftrondsen.

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