Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Inside ProtoSphere's Contact Center Zone

We updated our ProtoSphere demo build to include the "Contact Center Zone," a virtual call center. Each rep would be assigned to a particular cubicle space. These spaces are encompassed in their own private VoIP zone. Every set of cubicles is color coded and assigned to teams.

A big advantage of Contact Center Zone is that it can serve as a platform for getting real work done, and can also be a training space. Managers and trainers could easily use the environment to role play, train reps, monitor performance, and provide feedback.

Here's a screen cap of the center's main floor from our demo build:

We have three teams in the example in our demo build. An organization's manager would control the content that appears in each team's media carousel by accessing it in his/her office space.

This is what the manager's office might look like:

With the private zones, a manager can walk around the space and converse with employees individually, and even listen in on a call.

Here's the view of the main floor from the manager's office:

You can explore the Contact Center Zone more in our complete ProtoSphere demo.

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