Friday, October 23, 2009

Enterprise adoption of Windows 7 good news for ISVs

Some things just can't be ignored. The launch of a new Windows operating system is one of them. Of course, you know that Microsoft officially launched Windows 7 yesterday.

The press was looking for some insight on what this means to the enterprise. I shared my thoughts with TechNewsWorld's Erika Morphy yesterday about how the success of Windows 7 will ultimately be measured. Her article provides a great overview of opinions, including my insight.

I believe Windows 7 will satisfy pent-up demand among enterprises. That's good news for ISVs selling into an enterprise customer base, who too often encounter C-level executives ready and willing to sign on the dotted line, only to be gated by large legacy installations of ancient OSes (Windows 2000 and older). If 60 percent of all business are, in fact, planning to jump on the Win7 bandwagon, that's great news for ISVs, and for users who will benefit from contemporary solutions such as ProtoSphere.

In the view of our developers, there are several compelling  aspects of Windows 7. First up is improved performance. It boots up faster, runs apps more quickly, and makes efficient use of multi-core processors. Improvements to Remote Desktop (video & game support) are impressive. RD was previously available as a separate component available in Vista SP2 and XP SP3, but is now integrated with the base platform on day one.

Everything else to end-users (and ISVs) is marginal -- nice to have, but not compelling enough to upgrade. For the purists among us, we plan to have ProtoSphere release 1.4 certified for Windows 7.

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