Friday, October 9, 2009

ACS's Caroline Avey on the evolution of learning in the enterprise

Learning in the enterprise has greatly evolved over the years. And Caroline Avey, Learning Strategist at ACS Learning Services, put it well when she talked with Ron at 3D TLC. She says the enterprise learning model has changed from "tell me what to do," to "show me what to do," to today's "I want to do it myself," using a hands-on approach, peer-to-peer relationships, and collaborative environments.

You can hear Caroline expand on that thought in the video below. Ron and Caroline also discuss how collaboration has become more widespread throughout the enterprise, and is not focused on just one or two departments. Caroline answers the other big Proton question, What do you think of ProtoSphere's integration with SharePoint? For more from Caroline, you can follow her on Twitter @AveyCa.

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