Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ron Burns demos ProtoSphere's SharePoint integration during 3D TLC address

Now that we're back at our desks in our humble East Coast home, we're going through all of the footage and content we gathered from the 3D TLC Conference in San Jose, and rolling it out on the blog. ProtonMedia's big splash at the show was unveiling ProtoSphere's new SharePoint integration capabilities. So the first item we're posting is that very moment recorded on video.

Below is Ron Burns' presentation at the show, which followed Erica and Sam Drivers' keynote (video of that to come). He covered the state of 3-D virtual worlds technology, and what needs to happen to increase enterprise uptake. That includes SharePoint, and, well, I'll let Ron and his honorary guest, Craig Lieboff (Technology Strategist at Microsoft) take it away.

(P.S. -- I didn't realize the blog link was displaying throughout the whole video. Didn't mean to have that in your face the whole time! :P Our future videos will just display it for a few seconds ...)

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