Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ProtoSphere now integrated with Microsoft SharePoint

A few hours ago, Erica and Sam Driver, Principals of ThinkBalm, wrapped up their presentation here at 3D TLC, where they talked about the biggest barriers preventing immersive environments from reaching early majority adoption. Some of the challenges they cited included security issues, lack of proven metrics and benefits from real case studies, and lack of integration with mainstream enterprise platforms. While Sam and Erica provided recommendations for overcoming these barriers, it was still a rather grim picture of the state of 3-D virtual world technology.

But then Ron stepped up to the mic for his presentation, and announced ProtonMedia's big news: ProtoSphere now integrates with Microsoft SharePoint. This is the first time SharePoint services and content have been combined with a 3-D virtual collaboration platform.

Although no one knew the details of Sam and Erica's presentation, Ron's news turned out to be a fitting, and uplifting, follow up. The ProtoSphere-SharePoint integration addresses one of Sam and Erica's major adoption barriers.

The audience was all ears, and it felt like a collective feeling of relief and hope washed over the room. But if you weren't there, I video taped the entire session, and I'll be posting on the blog shortly. We'll also have demos of the ProtoSphere-SharePoint technology coming out soon too.

Just after Ron's presentation, we issued a press release announcing the SharePoint integration. It's pasted below, where you can read more about how the two platforms work together and the value it can bring to the enterprise.

And now, it's on to the show floor to talk to some attendees!

ProtonMedia Takes Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to a New Dimension

ProtoSphere gains full integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Booth #36

LANSDALE, Pa. & SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Responding to strong demand from customers, ProtonMedia today announced the integration of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 with the company’s ProtoSphere virtual teaming and collaboration platform. This is the first time Microsoft SharePoint services and content have been combined with a 3-D virtual collaboration platform. By adding ProtonMedia’s SharePoint Media Carousel to their ProtoSphere environment, companies extend their SharePoint investment and processes while they cut travel costs, raise productivity, improve engagement, and speed learning with ProtoSphere. The announcement was made in a post-keynote address by ProtonMedia’s CEO Ron Burns at the 3D Training, Learning, and Collaboration Expo (3D TLC), taking place September 23-24, 2009 in San Jose Ca.

“Integration with Microsoft SharePoint is the one feature customers and prospects have asked us for most, and we’re giving it to them today,” says Ron Burns, CEO of ProtonMedia. “We work with a lot of Fortune 500 companies, including global life sciences and energy companies. They’re using SharePoint within sales logistics, sales communications, learning-related apps, document management, training, and so on. SharePoint is an increasingly crucial resource that needs to be available in virtual collaboration scenarios. So we engaged with several of our customers to specify exactly how ProtoSphere’s integration with SharePoint should work. Several have already licensed and are planning deployments. We think this is a crucial capability for the future of virtual collaboration.”

Indeed, by delivering the SharePoint Media Carousel, ProtonMedia is connecting ProtoSphere with one of the most widely used enterprise content and process management platforms in business today. Over 17,000 companies and 100 million people use SharePoint daily. A recent report by market researcher IDC found 61 percent of users surveyed were deploying SharePoint enterprise-wide. Another 28 percent using SharePoint in departments are expected to expand usage to the enterprise within 12 months. And three-quarters of the Fortune 100 now have SharePoint. Last year Microsoft SharePoint revenue exceeded $1 billion, “making it the hottest selling server-side product ever for the company,” according to the New York Times.

ProtoSphere’s SharePoint Media Carousel makes it easy for users to share and use any media stored in or managed by Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. They can securely bring live content from their company’s SharePoint infrastructure into ProtoSphere’s 3-D world. Once there, the virtual teams can edit, modify, change, and write the content back to their SharePoint infrastructure. This includes content and metadata subject to workflow, process, and compliance rules defined in and enforced by SharePoint.

ProtonMedia representatives will be demonstrating ProtoSphere’s new SharePoint Media Carousel at 3D TLC booth #36 today and tomorrow. Attendees can experience first-hand the exciting new functionality that is brought to bear by integrating one the enterprise’s most widely used platforms with ProtoSphere, the industry’s most complete virtual collaboration environment.

ProtonMedia’s SharePoint Media Carousel is an optional add-on for ProtoSphere. It will be available in October for a one-time license fee.


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