Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Avatars vs. video and what IBM's Chuck Hamilton thinks of ProtoSphere's SharePoint integration

The interview was a case of big software vendor vs. little software vendor, but they seemed to be on a level playing field when it came to their thoughts on virtual worlds. Chuck Hamilton, Program Manager of the Learning and New Media Program at IBM, spent a few minutes talking with Ron at 3D TLC about what he's seeing in the virtual worlds industry and the promise the technology holds for the enterprise.

Ron also asked Chuck point blank what he thinks of ProtoSphere's integration with Microsoft SharePoint. (But you've got to watch the video to see his answer. I know, sneaky, sneaky. :)) The conversation turned to the topic of human factors in a virtual environment, and the idea of using an avatar vs. video while in world. And if that leaves you hanckering for more, Ron is actually in the midst of working on a post about human factors now, and we'll have that for you on the blog soon.

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